• The blade's large crescent edge cuts with immense power.
  • A crude sword used by the Panto. You could craft a better version yourself.
  • Some say this weapon unleashes the grudge that plants hold against beasts.
  • Possibly due to gold's correlation with fortune, the Golden Falchion bestows its wielder with good luck during battle. Of course, it severely harms its foes.
  • The Steel Falchion is a good choice for those pursuing precision in their swordsmanship.
  • Its light weight and sturdiness allows the swordsman to unleash his full potential during an attack.
  • This sword is said to clear its wielder's mind with its Mandragora essence.
  • You should never ridicule a wizard for wielding a sword, especially if that sword is the Wizard Blade.
  • This sword is made from a recipe developed by an alchemist from the Winterspoon family, who claimed that he could make a better sword than a blacksmith.
  • This sword is worthy of its steep price. However, merchants would prefer that you return to buy other weapons than continue using it for a long time.
  • This weapon will make your swordsmanship swifter.
  • Veterans will often recount the thrill they experienced when advancing from a novice and first holding this sword.
  • A sword used by valiant adventurers. Ironically, it is often found on strong monsters. A person who obtains this sword is unknowingly exacting revenge for its previous owner.
  • The increased length of geomnal complements the deficiencies of the gladius sword
  • This weapon gives you the opportunity to experience the capabilities of a Falchion.
  • Sometimes it shows the solid spirit of the blacksmith.
  • The sale of this sword is frequently undertaken by salesmanship rather than performance.
  • Despite its quality, it sells relatively well.
  • Despite its quality, it sells relatively well.
  • Despite its quality, it sells relatively well.
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