• It was made with elegance for the Royal Palace and formal events while not being restrictive to the movements of your limbs.
  • Peltastas prefer a fancy outfit because they care more about flaunting their battle actions to their allies than the dangers of being spotted by an enemy.
  • A costume made for versatile leg movement such as jumping and throwing a spear. Also appropriate for events requiring formal attire.
  • The costumes have remained invariably faithful to tradition for the past thousand years.
  • Although Barbarians do not follow a particular style, this would be closest to their usual preference.
  • Made to be appropriate for a horse rider. Also minimizes the burden to the mount.
  • This costume consists of several layers of independent clothes. It demonstrates the wisdom of the seafarers.
  • It expresses their free spirit while maintaining the traditional look from the the Doppelsoeldners' place of origin.
  • Made to weather any storm while also boasting defensive capabilities suitable for pitched battle.
  • A traditional costume reflecting a Squire's requirement for clothing suited for long distance travel through various terrain.
  • Pyromancers believe their costume represents their image as both a wizard and a gentlemanly cleric.
  • Crafted to deal with extreme cold. Reflects the current master's personality which focuses on practicality.
  • Despite its neat look, the costume is very loose when worn. This is because Psychokinos hate being confined, whether it is their soul or their body.
  • This multilayered costume is designed in such a way that it can be taken off layer by layer during an emergency.
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